Carrying the Can: Scaling Humans for Complex Drupal

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How do you structure a team, or teams, to manage more complicated Drupal sites? What are other people doing? Are those other ducks you see effortlessly gliding over the water actually paddling like mad underneath, like you are, just to keep from sinking?

For all its frustrations, Drupal is renowned for scaling into marvellously complex and unique configurations, and for integrating with other best of breed technologies. This allows organisations to deliver unique and creative applications that align closely with what the business wants.

So much for the technology though. How do you make sure your organisation can cope with the monster you've architected? What happens when your Drupal-powered corporate blog evolves and consumes one legacy site or system after another? How do you design a team for the problems you anticipate, much less the ones you can't?

From the perspective of someone who has watched enterprises of different scales all over the world grapple with these concerns, this talk will cover a few key ideas and examples that might help you make wise decisions when planning human resourcing around Drupal.

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