Observations from DrupalCon Munich


I'm emerging from my first trip to Europe since 2008, my first trip to Germany ever and also my first proper DrupalCon attendance (Drupal Down Under doesn't strictly speaking count). Here are some thoughts in no particular order.


  • Friendly place. Clearly has its act together in many ways. Seriously efficient public transport.
  • Don't expect credit cards to be accepted everywhere.
  • Don't expect free hotel wifi to be reliable.
  • German beers available in Australia are not representative of the local product.
  • Bicycle respect.


  • The convention gave me some context revealing how world-class the DDU events actually were. Sydney's DrupalCon is going to be spectacular.
  • It's a weird sensation seeing live people you recognise from their thumbnail headshots on blog entries, screencasts etc.
  • Smart Smart Smart Smart Smart everywhere.
  • Acquia people stay up late.
  • Closing plenary sessions which include sharing giant network utilisation graphs from the conference wifi are cool.
  • I need to go to Denmark sometime.